Pinterest, eat your heart out

Thank you, Pinterest, for reminding me that I’m incapable of completing a DIY project that looks exactly how it does on all of your boards: fresh, artsy and put-together.

Well, that’s what I thought until I actually tried a project of my own.

This week, I decided pumpkin carving was the best option. You’re probably thinking that I’ve set my standards pretty low but pumpkin carving is NOT EASY.

Also I feel like Pinterest is always there to remind me that I should be doing something festive so there’s that too.

Because I lack some basic drawing abilities (or at least I think I do?), I decided to start with something fairly simple. You know, the simple scary eyes, weird nose, and creepy smile?


2014-10-29 05.49.28
I will name him Humphrey.

Without really looking at any directions, I picked up some kitchen knives and shed some of Humphrey’s weight.

2014-10-29 06.02.09
Disgustingly gooey but ridiculously fun. Also, please excuse my frizzy hair. NC weather at its best.
2014-10-29 06.19.02
I promise you. I was headed in the right direction.
2014-10-29 06.54.22
A few cuts and some candles later: Humphrey has a whole new look.
2014-10-29 07.05.50
And then Humphrey couldn’t stop puking.

So, is this Pinterest worthy?

Pumpkin carving may not seem like something new and fresh to others but it was an activity that I always tell myself to do every year and I never to do it. It’s therapeutic to cross something off your list.

If you have any ideas for what my ‘something new’ should be for next week, let me know. Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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