Where can you take dance?


Dancing is so versatile; all forms of comprised of distinct movements and expressions. Within dance, we have the ability to make any movement and any stage our own. We often forget that ‘the stage’ exists in many forms. For example, because Bharatanatyam narrates many Hindu mythologies, some people pigeonhole it to ornate temple jewelry/costumes and inaccessible performance venues.

The new challenge I would like to take on with one of my friends, Prianca Reddi, is to see what stages are present in our everyday life.

Prianca, one of the most talented dancers I know, has been trained in Bharatanatyam for more than 12 years. Featured in the picture below (and many more to come), Prianca exemplifies grace, poise, and strength on this stage, the Red Bridge at Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, N.C. There is something calming about her that it also complements her surroundings.

Stay tuned for more vibrant photos, locations and dances.

Prianca Reddi, Sarah P. Duke Gardens; Nov. 2014

3 thoughts on “Where can you take dance?

  1. I am starting my first Bharatanatyam dance course soon and I. am. so. excited!!! Aaah! Hopefully one day I will be at least 5% as graceful as your friend. 🙂 Dance is amazing!


      1. Thank you, I am excited as well! 🙂 The course already started but I am visiting my parents, so I will join it later, but they know in the dance school… I’m so curious! 🙂 I danced belly dance and port de bras, but never anything like this…but hopefully it helps that I’ve quite a lot of yoga 😛


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