Weekly Favorites: Holiday Edition!

I love cold weather. Let me rephrase that. I love staying warm in cold weather. But it still means that I love cold weather!

I’m not even sure if this is making any sense.

Anyway, this week’s favorites are dedicated to all things warm with a touch of holiday cheer!

Socks on socks on socks

I love socks, especially ones with the weirdest prints on them.  2014-12-22 00.22.18

As you can see, I have quite the sock collection. Nope, that’s definitely not the entire collection but more of a preview of the kind of socks I own. I personally believe socks are a fun and quirky gift to give to anyone during the holidays. Maybe something to give on the side of a main gift or a stocking stuffer? Or maybe you can give a bunch of socks in one go?

You can find holiday socks anywhere. I found most of mine at Target AND they were super cheap! The $1 section at the front of the store is just dangerous.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having funky socks. Everyone should have a pair. Or if you’re like me, you should have multiple pairs. As you can see, I have quite the affinity for socks and shoes.

Polka Dots and Tea

Target really is dangerous. You walk into the store and immediately find yourself succumbing to their products and marketing. Everything is so cute and cheap!

I usually don’t like monogrammed accessories but my sister found these mugs at Target that are really cute and somewhat festive. She brought home one with an ‘N’ on it for me!

I drink tea multiple times throughout the day so this mug is always in use. And if you’re looking for some good tea to warm you up during the holidays, check out Tapal’s Jasmine Green Tea. I found this at a local Indian store and fell in love. I love jasmine tea and green tea so to find a combined version of both was a dream come true. As you can see, I was drinking tea while taking pictures of my mug. I couldn’t resist. 2014-12-21 23.44.20


I’m terrible when it comes to shopping. I love clothes and fashion but I get bored easily while shopping. Actually, it’s usually when I’m shopping with others. Oops?

Story time! I usually don’t go Black Friday shopping but this year my cousins and sister thought we should make a trip to the mall to see what we can find. The previous year, they ventured to H&M and got free gift cards. Of course, I grew excited and decided to join them. I do enjoy my sleep so one can only imagine how difficult it was to wake up for shopping.

We arrived to H&M and waited in line. Word on the mall streets was that H&M was to hand out gift cards that ranged from $25 – $300. Yup, $300. None of us thought we would pick the right card that amounted to $300. I mean, that stuff never happens. Or so I thought.

We walked into the store and scratched our gift cards. My heart was beating fast and I thought to myself, maybe this year I can buy a whole new wardrobe. Maybe today is my lucky day! I scratched and scratched to find…$10 off any purchase of $25 or more. No $300. Sad life. Oh well. I still love you, H&M.

But guess who finds the $300 gift card? MY 12-YEAR-OLD COUSIN. So maybe it was a lucky day! Of course it was her first time shopping at H&M and she had a blast finding new clothes for herself.

I, on the other hand, focused on what I could buy with my gift card (was that still a gift card?). I found the perfect accessory for cold weather. A beanie! It costed a total of $5 so I guess you could say it was my Black Friday steal….Ok, ok this was at regular price even without it being Black Friday but still. $5 for a beanie is great!

I’m obviously a professional at getting pictures of myself done….2014-12-15 02.11.30

I usually never wear hats but I’m definitely becoming a hat-lover. It’s also a great way to hide my frizzy hair. Don’t let these pictures fool you. I have very curly and frizzy hair; my flat iron luckily did wonders that day.

I love everything about this beanie. I can pair it with anything and I’m always warm. Also, I spy a familiar vest?

I hope you enjoyed these holiday favorites! Stay tuned for some more holiday adventures!


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