Capturing a Calm DC Metro

Much like any other city, Washington D.C. is always on the move. Even when you think the city is calm, it’s safe to assume that work is still happening behind closed doors. Everyone here is always in a hurry, walking fast as if they’re on a mission to save or change the world. Come to think of it, that’s probably the case.

Don’t get me wrong. This can be a good thing.

Every time I sit in a crowded metro, I wonder who all of these people could be. Maybe they work for the White House. Run a restaurant, perhaps? Work for a global nonprofit? Student from California interning on the Hill? Potential SPY?! You just never know. And I think that’s why I like DC so much. Everyone has a different story and they all tend to mesh together in the metros. Sometimes you never know who you could be standing or sitting next to.

Because DC metros connect and mix all of these mission-driven people, I decided to go on a Phhhoto adventure and capture what may or may not be the calmer part of their day waiting and sitting on the metro. These gifs may also represent something that is routine or redundant for those living in DC.

Shoutout to Rosslyn metro’s escalator for keeping my quads and calves in shape.


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