Everything has a story.

It was quite the struggle. The wind howled and the snow spattered against the windows. And yet, the two women decided a storm wouldn’t deter them from their journey.

They strapped up their boots, tied their scarves and braced themselves for the biting cold. It wasn’t going to be easy but it had to be done. They needed to find the Golden Cow in a sea of white for it was the answer to their quest. That’s right. The Golden Cow: a pho restaurant.

Long story short – I left my perfectly warm apartment to trek a mile in the cold snow for pho.

No shame.

Every snow day calls for pho! So guess what? I picked up my camera and forced my sister out of our apartment to walk a mile for pho. And that, my friends, was my adventure for the week.

Not too exciting? Well, it was cold. Actually, it was really cold. And when we finally arrived at the Golden Cow, you can say that I was happier than the happy camper.

Oh but of course it’s DC and it snowed again. And yes, we left our perfectly warm apartment to trek through even more snow. But this time it wasn’t for pho. It was for Target. Grocery shopping is always necessary. However, much like any trip to Target, you arrive with a small list and leave with a number of unnecessary items. And that, my friends, is why Target is so loveably dangerous.

(Yeah the pictures are kind of blah. Oh well. I had fun with it.)

Pointless blog post? Not in my eyes. I like to make anything and everything an adventure. Growing up, I made sure that everything, animate and inanimate, had a story. And this could potentially be one of the reasons why I decided to study journalism in school. There is always a story to be told. I have quite the imagination that I may not vocalize very often but I’m always thinking of potential stories from anything that I encounter throughout my day. And yes, I do write them down.

But isn’t it funny that when you need an idea most, you can’t think of anything? And when you’re just going by on your day, you think of a million different things?

I challenge you to take this chance to make an adventure out of anything that may seem far from adventurous. You may find yourself having a lot more fun than you’ll believe!

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